Harnessing the Power of Red Light Therapy


I just finished listening to Kevin Cottrell’s HealthCast Now Podcast – The Intersection of Health, Wellness and Circadian Optimization: Red Light Therapy – Harnessing the Power of Red Light and IR Light for Optimal Circadian Health and Wellness – Part I. This episode aired on Feb. 21, 2018 and featured Leanne Venier who is international award-winning Artist, Engineer, Eastern Medicine Physician, Visionary Pioneer, Inventor and Expert in the Science of Color, Light Therapy and Flow State for Optimal Health, Creativity and Anti-aging.

First and foremost, I sincerely recommend that you listen to this interview because the misconceptions and the benefits of light therapy will blow your mind.

Below you will find a list of some of the major points that I took away from this episode:

  • To be positioned for optimized health, wellness and longevity your body needs to absorb the correct amount of sunlight at the correct time, and on a regular basis.
  • Our bodies crave color the same way that we crave nutrients from food.
  • Light Therapy stimulates mitochondrial function, improves sleep, boosts immune responses, and increases cell regeneration in the skin, muscles, bones, joints and in your brain.
  • Light Therapy can be viewed from many standpoints including:


  • ANTI-AGING: collagen production, healing of scars, muscle relaxation and more
  • COSMETIC: it aids with wrinkle reduction and other skin conditions
  • HEALTH: it can reduce inflammation, alopecia or hair loss, treatment of disease or infection. Light Therapy may be used as treatment for MRSA or other infections of the blood, depression and anxiety as well as bone healing: increased bone density and faster healing of bone breakage.